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“The Last Message” is the fulfillment of a Ministry started in 2012, as explained in “The Introduction” and in the Article by me as Editor, “Stones of The Way”, at the end of the book. The Book chiefly serves a Christian audience, but is pertinent to anyone who desires a relationship with The Lord, only true God, Creator of the Universe, whose Kingdom in Heaven has all Power, Glory, and Love. Ruth Dow-Mikhail’s husband, Nagy Mikhail, partners with her in supporting the Ministry. Both of them will be happy to answer questions about the book, and to provide prayer-support.

Our Mission

This book, “The Last Message”, fulfills the Ministry the Lord intended by the original title: “Deliverance to Salvation, to Jerusalem, to Eternal Life”.

Our Vision

The editor’s expectation and hope are that the Lord will fulfill His purposes in this Ministry: to reach out to His children all over the world, and achieve their Salvation through His teachings and by His all-powerful love.

Ruth Dow-Mikhail and her husband are looking forward to supporting the Ministry by serving readers who have questions and need prayer support.

Our Services

Our main services are through BookWhip, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble: Soft- and Hard-cover Books, Audiobook, E-book, Trailer and Short-film, and our website.

Service Areas

Our service areas are providing the tools and personal support for the Ministry of “The Last Message”.


The locations of our services are: BookWhip, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and our website.

Customers and Clients

  • Church Leadership
  • Church Memberships and Attendees
  • Anyone Interested

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